How to win at Big Bamboo

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"Big Bamboo offers a real opportunity to win. It gives away more than 96% of the money bet. Luck happens rarely, but you can get solid prizes right away. Such nuances arose because of the technical settings set by the manufacturer. Change these parameters online casinos are unable to. At all sites the machine behaves the same way. Let's find out how to win at Big Bamboo.

Big Bamboo strategies and tactics

Exposed by the studio-developer indicators - the basis for creating a strategy. For fans of online casino offers dozens of different ways to win. Choose a model should only take into account the balance, the willingness to take risks and a number of other rules.

Here is a simple example. Many beginners know about Martingale. It is ideal for roulette. You should bet on black (or red), repeat the procedure when you lose, doubling the value. Such doubling is performed until the first win. The prize stage will recoup past blunders and allow you to earn. However, such a model cannot be applied in this simulation. It is impossible to guess in advance what multiplier the game will give out. Therefore, you should focus on other options.

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At the available maximum

Emulation provides good dividends. Often combos are formed from the most expensive pictures. That's why bets on maxes are excellent for the machine:

  • Allocate a certain amount to the session.
  • Divide it by 20.
  • Conduct 20 iterations.

  • Such a number will be required because of the peculiarities of the algorithm. "Big Bamboo" is ready to pay good money, but the pictures in the winning lines appear on the field not as often as you would like.

    One of the varieties of the system are often used by VIP-clients. They include a simulator and set the available maximum and put the drums in motion. After that, they take away the earned or fix the defeat.

    Analysis of apparatus behavior

    This tactic is more difficult than the previous one. However, in theory it can give more attractive results. Big Bamboo is suitable for those who are prepared for increased risks. He will pay decent rewards, but rarely. Failures appear more often. Usually "misses" last for 5-6 runs in a row. The specified statistical information is applicable to create a scheme of the game:

    • Turn on the slot and set the minimum spin price.
    • Spend 30-40 runs in a row.
    • Record winning and losing iterations.
    • Figure out the frequency of falling out combos.
    • After the last reward start counting losses.
    • For a couple of games before the expected victory increase the cost of the spin.
    • Continue to spin the slot.
    • Win, set the minimum price and repeat the cycle.

    You will have to stock up on pen and paper, write down the successful and losing periods. However, this practice will prove to be more accurate in the long run. It is based on statistics, which increases the odds.

    Increasing the price tag when you win

    This variation is riskier than the one described earlier. It is based on one of the observations of "Big Bamboo" behavior. Many have noticed that after a series of misses the emulator gives a pair of pluses in a row. The actions are elementary:

    Strategies big bamboo
    • Set the minimum.
    • Wait for the prize spin.
    • Increase the price tag.
    • Run a new iteration.

    Understand the essence of the strategy of this type is easier than we said above. However, it is accompanied by a lot of risk.

    "Set and Run"

    Before you start, you should be puzzled with the selection of a pool of machines. When conducting the search, a couple of criteria are taken into account:

    • Return rate.

    • Volatility.

    The situation improves as the values increase. "Big Bamba" has inflated values. Therefore, it can be applied to form a personal game collection. After creating a personal collection you have to:

    • Run the slot.

    • Put the maximum bet.

    • Click on the start button.

    At a loss close the slot and include the next. After making a bet and activate the movement of pictures. The calculation is based on getting marginal prizes from one run. Chances are small, so many people do not fit this format.

    Warning: This variation is very risky. It is better not to use this system for beginners. It is ideal for professionals who have impressive experience and a solid deposit.

    Game hygiene, or how not to lose everything

    Earlier we listed some of the strategies that are in demand among users. They differ in terms of riskiness and the final estimated profit. However, it is important to understand one thing: there are no win-win variations. No model guarantees a profit. You should not believe anyone who offers a 100% correct earning scheme. Most often, such information is disseminated by crooks.

    You can always lose. It is still possible to avoid financial problems even in the case of unsuccessful series. To do this, it is important to observe certain conditions.

    Play a little bit at a time

    We strongly advise not to deposit your entire salary or other significant for you amounts. It is better to transfer to the account those funds that are not afraid to lose. If you're able to easily part with 100 euros, then feel free to invest. If that kind of spending is too high for you, then invest less. We will not give you a universal formula. The state of affairs is individual for everyone. The user needs to carefully analyze his current situation and only after that determine the final amount.

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    In this section, we will also note another recommendation. Allowed to play only on their own funds. Borrow from friends, acquaintances or relatives for the sake of the online casino is strictly forbidden! It is also not advised to take out loans from banks. This way will lead to a debt pit.

    Playing with a cool head

    Discipline is the basis for success in life. Gambling entertainment is no exception to this rule. Any throwing yourself to extremes will end in failure. Consider two of the most popular failure scenarios.

    The client makes a bet and loses. The price tag increases step by step, the user wants to win back and bets more. New losses only increase the total minus. It is more and more difficult to win back. However, the desire to win again is growing. One has to make rash actions, bet more.

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    Other scenarios also occur. The gambler is lucky. Each run ends with a win. The stakes gradually increase. Continued success intoxicating, the lucky man decides to play for broke. As a rule, it is in such situations, and luck turns away from him. The result is the loss of previously invested funds and past winnings.

    The examples only outwardly appear to be opposite. They are united by one factor - the loss of control. The gambler stops soberly assessing matters and changes his behavior. It is necessary to remain disciplined in all scenarios. This will leave you in the black and the bright side.

    It is recommended to keep your own statistics. You should write down all the money you win and lose. This will increase control.

    There are no miracles

    Casinos are appealing because they can instantly make anyone rich. There have been cases where players have become instant millionaires in India, the United States, and other countries around the world. However, you should not expect and dream that this will happen to you. Such scenarios are very rare.

    So first let's prepare for action in the distance. We select the tactics, look for a reliable casino, distribute the bank. At the start it is important to be morally reconciled with cash expenditures. Just "jump in the hole" is not possible.

    This approach is supported by many professionals. They do not count on a one-time success. Gamblers in this category are trying to act for the long term.

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    It is also worth reminding that there are no 100% tactics. They do not exist in nature. We also do not recommend trusting the various "algorithm hackers". Big Bamboo and other slots use random number generators. It is unreal to hack them and tweak the program.


    Games require a special approach. They should be seen as an option for a costly hobby. Treat the machines as a source of permanent, stable income is not worth it. Advise to get pleasure from the process. The prizes will be a nice addition. However, dwell only on them not. Otherwise develop an addiction. Get rid of it without the help of specialists will not work.